Bosita Consulting Set to Introduce Sportywe App to Nigeria - Bosita Consulting
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Bosita Consulting Set to Introduce Sportywe App to Nigeria

19 Oct Bosita Consulting Set to Introduce Sportywe App to Nigeria

Hurray!!! Bosita Consulting is set to introduce the next big deal to Nigeria.We bring you Sportywe; an application on the IOS and Android  operating system used to connect people interested in meeting up and engaging in this activities together. This is the first of its kind in Africa.

The app created  by a Finnish company that want to promote togetherness. The goal of the app is not only to be a platform for connecting people, and promote healthy activities, but to give users the opportunity to expand their network of friends, while motivating others to physically and mentally active.

Bosita Consulting is set to role out strategies in coming days that will draw users to this platform. We will officially launch this app in Lagos in December 2017, with series of events aimed at promoting physical activities and connecting people via this app. We will unveil the ambassadors of the app in Lagos during these events. We will also use these media to establish a huge social media presence, and marketing this app.

Our vision at Bosita Consulting is to bring development to Africa in core areas that affects lives positively. It is our believe that this app will  promote healthy lifestyle in Africa, by encouraging people to be physically and mentally active.

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