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Good health is a right! We believe we can offer you that right.
International Business Referral

We connect businesses to new market. Our core is between Nordic and West Africa market, mainly Nigeria. We currently represent severe Finnish brands in the Nigerian market. The interest in getting into these developing markets is rising. Contact us and we can talk about how to take on your business interests.

Healthcare Equipment & Product Sourcing

We procure medical equipments ranging from gloves to CT Scanner for healthcare institutions. We have links with various manufacturers in Europe and America, to get you the best price.

Hospital Infrastructure Design & Management

We are currently developing an easy to use software that will give healthcare institutions the opportunity to effective manage patients data on the cloud. The electronic health record will help any healthcare institution to grow their client base and gain the trust of patients.

Digitalisation of Healthcare

There is a growing awareness of eHealth globally. Healthcare management organisations are seeing the need to move health from the old analogy system to a digital health system.

Our Skills

The sector is underfunded in Africa, but has a lot of growth potentials.

The opportunity to invest in the healthcare sector is enormous.

Come be a partner with us. The areas of investment will be:

  • Digitalization of healthcare services.
  • Training of healthcare professionals on best practice
  • Creating collaboration between Public-private investment in healthcare
  • Equipping hospitals and primary health centres
  • Patient´s database management.
  • Patient´s education
  • Health Insurance
Digitalization of healthcare services

Digitalization In Healthcare

We help  manage your healthcare.

We at Bosita Consulting strongly encourage the digitalisation of healthcare, yet for an organisation looking to digitalise healthcare, we help through the process. We look at all the factors that will influence the digitalisation process, and offer tailor made solutions. We connect organisations with partners that have successfully migrated to a digital healthcare.

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