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About Us.

Let us help you find your purpose.

What We Do

Bosita Consulting is a management consulting with the right network to move your business to the next level. Contact us to move your business beyond your borders.

Who We Are

We are a gateway for businesses looking to explore new markets, especially in emerging economies, especially between Europe and Africa.

What We Offer

We will take your business international. We connect you with key players and decision makers. We facilitate business meetings, seminars and conferences .

Our Philosophy

Integrity is important to us at Bosita Consulting. We believe the relationship with our clients should be a long lasting relationship. This is why we endeavour to give honest assessment of every project we take on. Though our objective is to make it happen! We would not compromise our integrity standards.

The services we offer cuts across major sectors of the economy. We aim at helping clients and investors navigate the difficulty of doing business internationally.


Our structure is built to deliver the best professional service to our clients. We are dependable and put the interest of clients first. We constantly seek ways to grow our structure to offer the best service for you.

We always look to drive efficiency to a new level. Efficiency makes us not to compromise on standards. If you are looking to the very best of efficient client service, contact us.

Creative Process

We focus on creating innovative and creative business solutions to help your business reach its full potentials. We use a hands-on approach to provide business solutions. Working together with our team of international consultants, with versatile insights into various industries, we create strategies which helps move businesses forward.